Everyone needs batteries!

How many times have you gone to get new batteries out of your special battery storage spot (aka the junk drawer) to find nothing but empty battery packaging? Next you have to explain to your kids that they can't play Xbox until you get them some more batteries for their game controller.... They beg you to go to the store right now and if you don't they will just steal your T.V. remote batteries. In the end, your making a special trip to the big box stores to buy some over priced brand name batteries!

Don't worry about this anymore. MonthlyBatteries.com is the solution to the epidemic... After you sign up to receive brand name batteries at a discounted price delivered to your doorstep automatically each month, you will finally be at peace of mind. 


A little humbling information about MonthlyBatteries.com and our goals:

After we complete our first year as a business. We are going to look to see if we hit our estimated profit margins. If we are accomplishing all our projected progress and goals, we plain on starting a charity the following year and begin donating a select % of profits to anyone on the planet that lacks access to batteries and power.

Meet our team

Emily Greene

John Boston

Kimi Doldeer

How it all started:

In the beginning of January 2018, I needed batteries for my wireless keyboard. It only needed 2 AA batteries... I opened the junk drawer to find we only had one new AA battery! 

After making a trip to the store and being forced to buy 4 AA batteries; plus paying way to much, I realized this is a problem about every American has gone through! 

After I got home, I put the over priced AA batteries in my keyboard and proceeded to create this company/website called: MonthlyBatteries.com

- John aka Founder/Creator

Ready to sign up and get name brand batteries delivered to you every month?